Belly Blaster PM

Belly-Blaster-PMBelly Blaster PM™ provides clinically tested ingredients that support a restful night’s sleep, a healthy metabolism, while at the same time curbing late night cravings. If you are looking for a way to help fall asleep naturally, control night-time appetite and support fat loss, then Belly Blaster PM™ will be a perfect choice.

Taken together with Belly Blaster™, you get the added benefit of 24 hour metabolism support. With a non-stimulating, sleep-promoting formula that also boosts metabolism, our breakthrough PM solution is taking the diet world by storm! Enjoy a good night’s sleep while being rest-assured that your body is hard at work burning calories all night long. And say goodbye to cravings that creep up late at night, because with Belly Blaster PM™, you get all the benefits of an effective fat loss formula and sleep aid, with a powerful appetite control system.

Control Late Night Cravings

One of the toughest times to stick to a healthy diet is late at night, when cravings hit. Belly Blaster PM™ contains Saffron extract, at clinically studied dosages, which will effectively control appetite and keep you on track with your weight loss goals. Saffron extract has been studied for its effects on appetite control with promising results.

Promote Healthy Metabolism While You Sleep

At night, when the body is at rest, the metabolism can slow down, leading to increased fat storage and reduced fat burning. With Raspberry Ketones extract, Green Coffee Bean extract, and White Kidney Bean, Belly Blaster PM™ provides a non-stimulating formula that will promote fat loss even while you are asleep!

A Deep Night’s Sleep

Studies have shown that healthy sleep is essential to a healthy metabolism. While most fat loss products on the market only address daytime metabolic benefits, Belly Blaster PM™ contains a precise ratio of L-Tryptophan and Melatonin, two powerful aids that promote deep, restful sleep. Fall asleep naturally, and stay asleep all night with our unique evening time formula.

The Perfect Solution to Healthy Weight Loss and Restful Sleep

Belly Blaster PM™ is the only one of its kind to include a powerful blend of pharmaceutical grade ingredients that promotes a good night’s rest, control late night appetite needs, and to keep the metabolism working throughout the night. Sleep better, feel great, look amazing, with Belly Blaster PM™

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