Green Coffee Bean

Before Coffee Beans are roasted, they possess a high amount of polyphenols that have profound effects throughout the entire body. Recent research has discovered that Green Coffee Beans contain a very unique polyphenol known as Chlorogenic Acid. Green Coffee bean has been clinically tested for a range of benefits, from blood sugar reduction, to appetite to control, and even metabolism support. Read on to learn more about this unique ingredient and why the scientific community is tremendously interested in this powerful herbal supplement.

Chlorogenic Acid is a natural chemical compound found in high amounts in Green Coffee bean. Chlorogenic Acid has been shown in clinical studies to have a profound impact on glucose levels following a meal. After a meal is eaten, blood sugar levels naturally rise due to the carbohydrate content of the meal. This increase in blood sugar leads to an increase of Insulin, the primary hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar. This increase in Insulin can influence fat storage and may even increase carbohydrate cravings by lowering blood sugar too quickly. Chlorogenic acid may be able to dramatically decrease the amount of sugar that is absorbed from the food we eat, and may slow down the amount of time it takes for that sugar to be absorbed. By slowing down this process, Chlorogenic acid will also lower insulin levels, which may profoundly effect fat loss as well as cravings that come from low blood sugar.

Chlorogenic acid has also been show in scientific studies to have an effect on several unique metabolism-boosting genes in the body. By activating these genes, Chlorogenic acid may increase the rate at which our body burns energy, even while at rest. This effect could potentially have a significant effect on the thermogenic effects within the body, leading to an increased rate of calorie burning, even when you are not exercising. The potential for Chlorogenic acid to be the biggest breakthrough in fat loss supplement history is quickly becoming evident!