Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones occur naturally in Raspberries are primarily responsible for the aroma of this berry. Raspberry Ketones may help regulate fat metabolism in two unique ways. What makes Raspberry Ketones so powerful is the concentration that modern technology has been able to achieve. In order to get an effective dose of Raspberry Ketones from eating Raspberries, one would have to consume over 90 pounds of Raspberries! By isolating this unique compound found naturally in Raspberries, dieters can get all the benefits of this useful naturally occurring chemical without the added calories of consuming large amounts of the berries.

Recent clinical evidence suggests that Raspberry Ketones play an important role in modulating a hormone found in the human body known as Adiponectin. This specialized hormone regulates blood sugar as well as fat metabolism, and also affects appetite and hunger. Raspberry Ketones has been shown in scientific studies to positively affect Adiponectin levels, which may lead to a dramatic shift in appetite, as well as an amazing potential for fat loss and an increase in metabolism.

Raspberry Ketones increase an enzyme known as Hormone Sensitive Lipase. By increasing the amount of Hormone Sensitive Lipase that enters into the fat cell, more fat that is stored in stubborn fat areas can be released to be used by the body for energy. Recent clinical studies have shown that Raspberry Ketones may hold the secret to increasing fat loss in those particularly hard to reach parts of the body such as the midsection, belly, love-handles, hips and thighs. What makes Raspberry Ketones so unique, is that it increases Hormone Sensitive Lipase just like the hormone Adrenalin in the body. When Adrenalin is activated, fat is released from fat cells so that this energy can be used immediately to create enough energy to deal with the stresses that increased Adrenalin. Raspberry Ketones effectively increase this same hormone, but do so without increasing jitters or nervousness that comes from Adrenalin increases.

With Raspberry Ketones you get all the benefits of large amounts of this berry, while avoiding the excessive calories that would come from eating this amount. In addition, Raspberry Ketones increase Adiponectin, an important hormone that regulates appetite, increases glucose metabolism and also reduces fat storage. Raspberry Ketones also increase Hormone Sensitive Lipase, which is an enzyme crucial to the process of releasing stubborn belly fat so that it can be used for energy rather than being stored away in those hard to lose areas such as the love-handles, mid-section, hips and thighs.